FTF Tactics provides customized tactical training designed to complement the needs of law enforcement agencies and military groups. Our courses comprise a combination of classroom, scenario based training and practical application Click here for information on hosting a course.



High Risk Warrant Service Operations
This course is designed to expose individuals to techniques used in the planning and execution of high risk search warrants.  A wide variety of topics will be covered, from intelligence gathering, team assignments, scouting missions, service planning, contingency planning, diversionary devices, breaching methods, immediate action drills and controlled speed movement. more info

Hostage Rescue Operations
This course is designed to expose SWAT & tactical teams to the dynamics of hostage rescue operations. Course focuses on, hostage rescue concepts, the deployment and management of personnel, deliberate and crisis entry tactics and team movement. more info

Tactical Long Rifle
This course will expose law enforcement snipers to a variety of deployment options utilized in all facets of SWAT operations with the use of lecture and field work. more info

Barricaded Suspect Resolutions
This course is specifically designed for SWAT personnel. It will expose team members to the methods and concepts used in resolving situations involving armed/barricaded suspect(s). The course will focus on the different phases of the operation including, but not limited to, the deployment and management of personnel, containment, entry and other tactical options. more info

Covert Entry & Search Techniques
This course is designed to expose entry team members to the concepts and principles of slow and methodical search and entry techniques. more info

Covert Entry & Search Techniques for Patrol Officers
Small team tactics and tried-and-true techniques are the hallmark of this course. This course is specifically designed for individuals assigned to uniform patrol who are commonly tasked with conducting interior searches with minimal personnel; 2, 3and 4 person teams. more info

Tactical Armored Vehicle Operations
This course is designed for special operations units within the law enforcement community with focus on the deployment methods and unique tactical capabilities of the Lenco B.E.A.R. and BearCat tactical armored vehicle. more info

Tactical Breaching
This course is designed for personnel assigned to tactical teams.  This is a hands-on course and will focus on manual breaching techniques and the tactical concepts associated with it.  The training will incorporate the use of manual tools used to breach a variety of targets.  more info

Tactical Canine Deployment
This course is designed to integrate the modern police service dog team with members of a tactical team. This course will emphasize communication and training between the handler and tactical operators, working together as one element towards the safe and successful resolution of high risk operations. more info

Tactical Operations Workshop
This workshop will focus on contemporary tactics, concepts and methodologies used in the resolution of high-risk incidents such as, High-Risk Warrant Service, Barricaded Suspect Incidents and Hostage Rescue Operations. Moreover, the workshop will provide an excellent platform for team commanders to network and engage in in-depth discussions regarding current industry practices. more info


** Courses can be designed or modified to meet the needs of any requesting team or agency.